Game of the Day – Resident Evil


Bruce is pissed off.

From Resident Evil (remake) – Buy it here

Ceej and I are some of the biggest Resident Evil fans ever.  I’m not talking about the extremely shitty movies, but the extremely awesome video game series.  When the first one hit back on the PS1 it was an incredibly scary video gaming experience.  The only thing holding it back was the rudimentary graphics.  Nintendo rectified this re-releasing it on the GameCube with fully updated HD graphics and even added some new parts to the story to shake things up (Lisa Trevor!).  Here are some reasons why this re-release is awesome:

  • The new non-FMV intro completely starts the game off as one scary experience as opposed to a hilarious one.  that being said I did enjoy the crappy FMV from the original game.  Especially the actress who played Rebecca Chambers.
  • Lisa Trevor’s wails that you hear throughout the game are scary as fuck
  • Crimson Zombies are scary as fuck and faster than hell.
  • The voice acting is improved and while still somewhat silly, not completely ludicrous as on the PS1.\
  • The game’s graphics are so well done that they still hold up 7 years later
  • The first 3 games in this series are still the best survival horror games ever, no contest.  Sorry Silent Hill.