Movie of the Day – Night of the Living Dead (Remake)


Barbara refuses to take your shit.

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Tom Savini’s take on Night of the Living Dead is one of my top 5 horror movies of all time.  While staying true to the tone of the original, he was able to play with the characters to switch it up from the original and it totally worked.  Reasons why this movie is great:

  • Bill Moseley’s take on Johnny.
  • Tom Towles makes you want to kill him through out the whole movie.  It’s silly and awesome at the same time.
  • The zombie that Tony Todd hits with his truck.
  • The SFX and makeup work is some of the best in the genre in my opinion.
  • Barbara being a badass instead of a catatonic husk is great.

    All that being said, stay away from the NoTLD blu ray unless you like entire movie bathed in a blue light.  Seriously.  As soon as they hit the farm: BAM! BLUE CITY!