Movie of the Day


Sometimes I just wanna throw it all down and get lifted...

From Half BakedBuy it here

This was the first DVD I ever bought back in 1999.  I can quote this movie from the beginning to the end.  Is it a silly movie?  Yes.  Was this the movie that Dave Chappelle wanted to make?  No.  Is it still fun to watch?  Totally.  Reasons why this movie is awesome:

  • Jim Breuer in a role that doesn’t make you want to punch him in his stupid face
  • Harland Williams’s scene with the police horse
  • “Doctor says I need a backiotomy…”
  • The Squirrel Master and Nasty Nate
  • Stephen Baldwin’s best role next to his role in The Usual Suspects
  • “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, and fuck you I’m out!”
  • Killer’s “backstory” as told by Jim Breuer
  • And of course, “You ever suck some dick for marijuana?”