Movie of the Day – Poltergeist


Practical effects are fucking awesome.

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This movie is a Halloween staple in our household.  Without getting into the whole “who actually directed the movie” bullshit, this flick is one of the scariest PG flicks ever made.  Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg crafted an amazing ghost movie.    Let’s go through the reasons why this is a classic:

  • JoBeth Williams is smoking hot in this
  • Craig T. Nelson is the goddamn man
  • The practical effects still hold up for the most part and are creepier than most CG ghosts in movies now
  • They used real skeletons in the swimming pool scene and that’s proper fucked up
  • “This house is clean”
  • The family in this movie felt like a “real” family  
  • Zelda Rubinstein
  • And of course, “They’re here…”