BDRCADE – Left 4 Clever Girl – Dead Center Campaign


Thanks to technology, Ceej and I are able to stream our super entertaining gaming sessions live over the internet so you awesome people can watch us and interact with us LIVE.  As this is a new venture for us, there may be some growing pains as we straighten out all of the bugs.  We’ve already done 3 livestreams and there will be many more to come so stick with us and we hope to bring you countless hours of free entertainment.

Click here to visit our main page and make sure to follow us so you’ll get announcements when we go live.  Ceej will be playing StarCraft II a bunch and I’ll be playing whatever I’m in the mood for.


My first “legit”  livestream – LEFT 4 CLEVER GIRL: Dead Center Campaign

Watch live video from braindeadradio on TwitchTV