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Agent Doggett made poor choices in the 90's.

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  Double Dragon started off as an arcade game that was made super popular thanks to the Nintendo Entertainment System in the late 80’s.  The basic gist is that two brothers  have sex with the same girl,  girl is kidnapped, brothers fight goons to save their sex slave.  Instead of making a decent karate flick (which would have been the easiest/best way to adapt this property) they added in some ridiculous medallion bullshit, Robert Patrick hamming it up in the worst way possible, horrible special effects, and some really bad fight choreography.  It also added more fuel to the “video games make horrible movies” fire and rightfully so.  This could have been a slam dunk (much like Mortal Kombat was) but it was fucked from the get go thanks to the casting choices of the Lee brothers: Scott Wolf and Mark Dacascos?  This movie is just one bad decision after another.  That being said, it’s fucking hilarious to watch when drunk.  If you want to see it for yourself and have Netflix, click here.