You Should Watch This: LOST – The 16-Bit Version


College Humor does it again in regards to re-imagining some of the best television shows of the last decade as SNES RPG games.  They did one for Battlestar Galactica and now they bring us one based on LOST.  I’m a die hard LOST fan who enjoys even the worst episodes of the series.  LOST let a good chunk of its fans down with the way it ended, but I’ll never forget the fun I had watching the show and Ceej and I discussing our crazy theories every week on episodes of PodCaust.  Massive Spoilers ahead.

Henry Gale turning into Ben Linus with his +100 of Bad-Assery is fantastic as is the BAD PLOT! scene but I love the reference to the episode “The Constant” as it’s one of the best episodes in the entire series.


If the embedded video isn’t working, CLICK HERE