Brain Dead Radio Episode 75: Dat Shit Cray


Ceej and Rob are back to grace your ears with more inane bullshit.  Rob gets drunker quicker now while Ceej makes it known that they both just don’t sit around and watch porn together.  They both hope that some tossed salads and scrambled eggs show up in the new X-Men movie and they discuss just how cringy Kelsey Grammar can be.  Rob gets sucked into the WiiU and Ceej is beginning to see the possibilities with the new system.  Rob loves ZombiU  and gets emotional at the end of The Walking Dead video game.  Chris Hardwick is a tool, Ceej is enjoying the new season of The Walking Dead much more than Rob, and they both have ideas on how the show can become better.   They then cap off the episode with a discussion of the newest season of American Horror Story (Spoilers 93:00-97:00).