She’s Right, I’m Rob Episode 25: Moist Mossy Patch


Our two lovebirds are back with a drunken vengeance.   Rob and Lesley had a fantastic Thanksgiving, Lesley makes killer mashed potatoes, and during all of this Rob feels like a mountain man.  A frank discussion about bathing habits comes out of the blue and Lesley doesn’t understand Rob’s break down of how he keeps himself clean.   Rob surprises Lesley with a WiiU but she wanted Cinderella instead.  They discuss the hidden innuendos within Cinderella and Lesley is adamant that it’s the best love story ever told.  They briefly discuss Brave before diving into the differences between their views on pornography.  Rob enjoyed his bag of porn while Lesley just wants to change the subject.   Before all is said and done Lesley and Rob watch Chewbacca have sex and then they question their life decisions.