Brain Dead Radio Episode 74: BRAIN BLEED


Rob and Ceej are back after quite a scare.  Ceej details his struggles with finding out if he has unlocked any special powers after spending some time in the hospital, Rob thinks he can help Ceej attain his full potential, and Ceej is totally going to be a Curling superstar.   The Disney/George Lucas merger is awesome and Ceej really just wants a Bloodsport meets Star Wars movie.  Rob would love to see Black Hawk Down in the SW universe, and they both agree to disagree.  Thanks to Corey, from the forums,  Rob is able to cross something off his bucket list, and Ceej and Rob watch The Dark Knight Rises Porn and for some reason Ceej feels weird about it.   After all of this Rob discusses Halo 4 and can’t stop gushing over the amazing reboot of XCOM.