Brain Dead Radio Episode 73: “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Adebisi


Rob and Ceej are back and this time Rob finally feels cool.  Our duo discuss how to change yourself gradually, Rob always has an alibi, and Rob discusses his adventures at Crypticon.  Tom Savini has some wise words for Ceej, Rob enjoys people watching at cons, and they discuss the best/worst new board game ever.  Rob and Ceej enjoy The Last Exorcism (Spoilers 20:52 – 25:30ish), Ceej enjoys adjusting his tracking via V/H/S (Spoilers 29:30 – 49:10), and they agree to disagree on Attack the Block.  Rob says nerds need to settle down in regards to the reviews of Resident Evil 6 as he is enjoying hanging out with Leon Kennedy.  On the flip side he cannot stand Borderlands 2 but Ceej is too busy watching Starcraft 2 pros battle it out to give a shit.  Ceej then grosses Rob out and Rob repays the favor, brotha!