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This movie actually made Peter MacNicol creepy.

From Ghostbusters IIBuy it here!

As evidenced by my fan-fiction take on the Ghostbusters, it’s safe to say that I’m a fan. Especially of the first movie.  Ghostbusters II on the other hand is a mixed bag.  On one hand we get some pretty great  new ghosts in this one (the Scoleri Brothers were awesome), Rick Moranis getting to put the suit on, a shot of Sigourney Weaver in her bra, and the river of slime.  On the other hand you get 4 actors who don’t seem to give a shit (except for Danny Aykroyd), a shitty looking Slimer driving a bus, and the fate of the world centered on a baby named Oscar.  Eh, I’ll take what I can get.