The Five Ghostbusters Bust the Principal – Part 2


In the first installment of my” excellent” fan-fiction from first grade,“The Five Ghostbusters Bust the Principal”, we met our new group of Ghostbusters as they caught their very first ghost at Dawson School.   As promised, here is part 2 of  “The Five Ghostbusters Bust the Principal”

The hair dryer on the back of Ecto-1 still makes me laugh.

Even as a first grader I knew the importance of letting the reader know the location of the characters. Also, the scariest character in my mind back then was the principal.

My team doesn't bother knocking. We just bust down doors to fuck up ghosts. Or we like to stretch our legs. I'm not sure.

I felt so proud as a first grader using the word "realm". It's pretty much my favorite word, even now, next to "spatula".

Yep. My biggest fear in first grade was getting an "F". I was a high strung, over achieving, school freak. Thanks ma!


So if you haven’t guessed it yet, I totally ripped off one of the best episodes of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon for my story.  As a first grader I figured no one would notice.  And they didn’t.  It’s pretty funny to me now though.  Especially the fact that I was so scared of the principal as a kid or that I would get an F in school.  I shouldn’t have been worried about that kind of stuff at that age, but I was raised as an over achieving goodie-goodie.  It came out in my art.


Will our fearless heroes bust the principal?  Will they pay for the door they broke down?  Will they ever leave the realm of the principal?  Stay tuned for Part 3 of “The Five Ghostbusters Bust the Principal”.