Brain Dead Radio Episode 72: Bloodsportin’


Rob and Ceej are back and this time it’s personal.  Rob finally hits puberty and tries to be a man, but Ceej begs to differ and complains about the state of the show.  Rob takes a trip down memory lane and finds a treasure trove of material.  Rob wrote a lot of fan fiction back in the day and shares it with the world.  First up is a reading of “The Five Ghostbusters Bust the Principal – Part 1“, Ceej talks about his fan fiction, “The Crystal Sword“, and then he reads aloud “Terminator 3: Skynet’s Last Stand” a story by 10 year old Rob.  Ceej comes up with the best new game to play, Bloodsportin’,  he found a loop hole during his summer school sessions, and then they both briefly chat about the awesome Resident Evil 6 and why Ceej fails due to his hatred of inverted controls.  They then wrap up the show with a conversation about America’s most hated/loved show and adult babies.