The Five Ghostbusters Bust The Principal – Part 1


So I was going through some old boxes over at my parent’s house and I stumbled across a scrapbook from my childhood.  Apparently my parental units saved pretty much anything I ever did as a kid and I found some goodies.  First up I’d like to present my very first recorded attempt at fan fiction back when I was in 1st grade.  I was a huge Ghostbusters fan and watched the movie religiously.  In fact my mother even recorded the entire movie onto a cassette tape  so I could listen to it everywhere I went.  So yeah, I was a fan.


I took some liberties in my story by telling the original Ghostbusters to fuck off, as my friends and I would be taking over the firehouse.  So without further fanfare, I present Part 1 of The Five Ghostbusters Bust The Principal.  Enjoy.

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Apparently my logo is the entire ghost.

I just dive right in with my own made up Ghostbusting equipment. I also get Janine's name wrong. I was a dumb kid.

I have no idea why Ecto-1 looks like a badly drawn fire engine with a hair dryer on top. And Ecto-2 would be scary as hell to ride in.

I went to Dawson Elementary. Of course I would bust a ghost there.


So there you have it.  Part 1 of this “epic” story.  A few things confuse me about this story.  Like, where did the original Ghostbusters go?  Why would they just give me the keys to the firehouse?  Why would Jake be making a bomb in a the first panel but in the 3rd it’s established this was their first ghost they have caught? Shouldn’t Jake be focusing on busting ghosts instead of creating stupid new pieces of equipment?  Why does Ecto-1 have a hairdryer for a weapon?

Find out what happens to our fearless heroes in Part 2 of The Five Ghostbusters Bust the Principal coming soon.