Brain Dead Radio Episode 71: The Fabled PGHJ


Ceej and Rob are back to bring the ruckus.  Rob discusses how every hero he’s ever had has let him down and then drops a bombshell on Ceej regarding one of their heroes from their childhood.  The Fat Boys were fucking ridiculous, they discuss an upcoming horror convention they are hoping to attend,  and it turns out that Ceej may have been to an awesome fan convention that sparks a conversation about Halloween costumes and junk art.  Rob goes to bat for Mox and Tweeder while Ceej loves him some Sinbad and they both agree to disagree.  They try to figure out how to connect with the youths of today, discuss how awesome Wet Hot American Summer is, and Rob spends way too much time with Frasier.  Ceej watches some lame anime and talks about it and then the duo discuss some story ideas for what may be the best movie never made.