She’s Right, I’m Rob Episode 24: Pre-Cancerous Sex Mole


Lesley and Rob are back to bring you the WEDDING RECAP EPISODE YOU ALL WANTED….or not.  Listen in awe and a bit of sexual frustration at the play by play recap regarding the biggest wedding event of the year.  YOU MUST ALL USHER IN THE ERA NOW KNOWN AS LOB (that’s their new celebrity nickname).  Now that our two lovebirds are married, does that mean the show will suffer?  NONSENSE.  Rob and Lesley are even more in love (and drunk) with each other as they discuss post apocalyptic futures in which the fate of the world rests on finding the last Headcheese, how much better non hyphenated last names are, sex moles, and more.  While most of the episode is based around their kick ass nuptials, they also discuss V/H/S (spoilers: 121:00 – 136:00) and give it 1.25 tampons and wish all of you a perfect week.