Brain Dead Radio Episode 70: Wheels of Fate’s Fortune of Fate Part 2: The Revenge of Dusty Knuckles


Ceej and Rob are back after a short break to bring you the goods.  They discuss how sexy allergies can be if you just role play a little, Ceej runs into Beardy McNoDog and almost ended up in a slasher film,  and Ceej swears there was a whole show about dogs saving people from heart attacks.  The Animal Channel would be awesome,   Rob explains to Ceej exactly what “Eastwooding” is, and then Ceej and Rob discuss new employment opportunities for Rob.  There may or may not be a market for a Hal Sparks impersonators, Rob just wants to get to Space Camp, and Ceej and Rob come up with the best video game never made.  Rob briefly discusses V/H/S (no spoilers), but thinks that all horror fans need to see it.  Ceej still doesn’t know if he likes Dead Island, he thinks he likes Guild Wars 2, and Rob spends too much money on stupid items for his Avatar.