Brain Dead Radio Episode 69: You Have My Permission To Kiss The Bride


Ceej and Rob are back  after the fantastic She’s Right, I’m Rob wedding.  Rob is enjoying the married life and they chat briefly about the awesome time that was had by all during the Purdy – Hughes nuptials.  Rob enjoys the government watching him have sex, Ceej thinks Rob has been through some shit, and they discuss just how much cooler you are if you smoke cigarettes.  They then jump into the Batmobile to discuss The Dark Knight Rises (Spoilers: 10:13 – 37 ish),  Rob couldn’t deal with Bane, Llama Man would never hang up the cowl,  and Ceej just wants an entire movie based around Alfred.  After they wrap up the Batman talk, Rob briefly discusses his newest obsession and then doesn’t really sell Ceej on Dead Island.