Brain Dead Radio Episode 68: “Speaking of Dick Cutting…”


Rob and Ceej are back to bring you one final episode before Rob has a ball and chain surgically grafted to his leg.   Rob left Ceej all alone for a week to party in a wave of piss in New Orleans.  While Rob was there he was professional as fuck and made sure to name drop BDR all over the place.  As this was happening Ceej was strangely calm and didn’t bitch about anything.  Coincidence?  They discuss the horrible events that took place in Colorado and just how messed up it was.  Fred Willard was busted for doing what comes natural, Rob knows someone who knows someone who was a dickcutter, and then they dive into the meat of the episode.  The Gathering is happening again and Rob tries to talk Ceej into going for a kickass social experiment.  They can’t believe the awesome acts that are there this year, they get into the mindset of Ric Flair, and Rob wants Ceej to star in the remake of the Rodney Dangerfield classic: Ladybugs.  They wrap up the show by discussing being labeled due to the music you listen to and fantasize about how the Marilyn Manson/Johnny Depp meeting took place.