You Should Watch/Play This: MarbleHornets/Slender


The less explanation I give about this (especially if you’ve never heard of Marble Hornets or Slenderman), the more effective it is.  Back in 2009 a youtube user by the name of Jay starts posting entries from a collection of videos he received from his friend Alex.  Alex was in the process of shooting a movie, Marble Hornets, when for reasons unknown he just gave up. Jay didn’t quite understand why his friend would just give up on his movie, especially when it was Alex’s pet project.


When Jay asked about it all Alex would say is that was due to “unworkable conditions” of where he picked to shoot.  Jay asked Alex if he could have the tapes, as being a film student himself, he hated the thought of all that footage to just go to waste.  Alex stated that he was going to “burn” the footage but Jay talked him out of it on the condition that he never mentioned to anyone, even Alex, what was on the tapes.  Jay started going through the stacks of tapes to see if he could find out why.


What unfolded was an exercise in paranoia, paranormal encounters, and pure terror.  Below you will find the first two entries.


There are over 60 entries in all, and I highly recommend you watch them. 

In my opinion these entries are more effective than most horror movies.  Then again, I’m a sucker for found footage stuff.  Once you have gone through them, and once again I recommend that you do, I also highly recommend that play the free game: “Slender“.

Lesley had never heard of Marble Hornets so I had her watch the entries and then play the game last night.  I’ve never seen her more freaked out.  The developers of the game have created one of the scariest  games with some of the most effective uses of dread and paranoia that even the big game studios have rarely hit upon.  So grab some beers, turn off the lights, watch the entries, and then try to finish the game.  I dare you.

Click here for the installer for Slender.

(make sure you uncheck the toolbars it wants to install)

Once you have beaten it,  or if you’re stuck, click here for a fantastic walkthrough map.