Brain Dead Radio Episode 67: Mayonnaise Sandwich


Rob and Ceej are back and are beating the heat with a vengeance.   Rob is enjoying his pain medication and gives Ceej the reigns of the show in the beginning.   Of course it went straight into sandwich talk.  Listen in horror as Ceej describes an encounter with a beast that craves mayonnaise while Rob is off in his own little world.   They join back up to get to the meat of the episode by championing and then ripping into Prometheus (spoilers: 11:20 – 38:20).  They discuss how the movie is just like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book but with a writer that is actively mad at you throughout.  Rob then spares Ceej the shittiness of Piranha 3DD by discussing the only redeeming feature in his opinion.  Seriously, stay away from it.  It’s bad.