EXTREME 90’S FLASHBACK: Corey Haim is fucked up and Corey Feldman channels Michael Jackson


Welcome to the BDR’s newest Friday feature: EXTREME 90’s FLASHBACK.  I’ve had this idea for awhile as anyone who has listened to one of our many shows can attest to, I’m hopelessly stuck in the 90’s.  When I say this is a “feature” I don’t want to give you the wrong idea.  I’m not a writer.  Half of the things I enjoy don’t really deserve much more than an a paragraph or two but as Ceej says “I likes what I likes”.

As a kid I idolized The Felddog and the Haimster back in the 80’s and 90’s.  They were the coolest people ever.  There was nobody I’d wanted to be like more than the Coreys.   It started with Gremlins, The GooniesLucas, The Lost Boys, and peaked for me with License to Drive and Dream a Little DreamCorey Feldman even killed Jason Voorhees for fuck’s sake.   But like with most child stars, once they grew up the offers slowed down.


The Haimster decided to show people they had the wrong idea about his personal life by filming this one of a kind video called: Me, Myself, and I.  

We were meant to believe that he wasn’t on drugs and was just misunderstood, but instead we were treated to this video of an obviously fucked out of his mind Haimster waxing poetic on music (he loves that Japanese Funk), his dreams, and what kissing meant to him.  It was surreal.


While all of this was happening The Felddog was working on his own side projects.   I swear, he thought he was going to be the next Michael Jackson but alas he was just biding his time until the shitty Lost Boys sequels.


Sadly, Corey Haim passed away in 2010 from pneumonia.  R.I.P. Haimster.  May you always have a license to drive in heaven.

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