Brain Dead Radio Episode 66: This Would Be Great


Rob and Ceej are back to bring you an epic 2 hour podcast filled with awesomeness.  A fellow donor is now a father, Ceej wants to pass his lineage on, and then Ceej runs into his nemesis.  Rob thinks Star Wars will stand the test of time, Ceej has some great ideas for the eventual re-re-re-release of A New Hope, and Rob explains why George Lucas will be the ruler of the Wasteland.  They get Star Wars chocolate in the Alien peanut butter, discuss their favorite Star Wars video games, and then Rob explains how he was groomed to be the next Bobby Fisher.  E3 was sort of a let down this year, WiiU has its hooks in Rob, they discuss their most wanted Nintendo remake/re-release, and Ceej just wants a remake of Final Fantasy 7.  Rob hangs out with Puck in the Real World, Crenshaw Jackson lays the smack down on Krispy Kreme, and Ceej deals with being a middle aged man.  Django Unchained is off the chain, Rob and Ceej talk about the next genre that QT should attempt and then they re-cap their latest Dungeons and Dragons game.


If you enjoyed the song at the end, you can download it here!