You Should Watch This: Ashton Kutcher Fan-Fiction


UPDATE: The story in the below was written by author Teddy Wayne and you can read it here.   This video may not be real, but it’s still great.  Thanks to Phil for pointing it out.


This has to be a well executed skit.  This can’t be real.  I mean, when I was a kid I wrote *erotic fan-fiction about my adventures in outer space with Ellen Ripley but I never read them aloud to my peers.  7th grader, Melissa Bell, is fearless and didn’t seem to have that problem.  Listen as she captivates the audience with her tales of awkward teenage romance, getting an A in class, and  learning that one day, she will be a woman soon.


“She was pretty in a very subtle way that not everyone understood at first, just as her mother told her.”

“The chaperone, Mr. Bulich, the earth science teacher did not enforce the 12 inch rule and their bodies were touching because he saw how important this was to Malissia and to Ashton.”

“You are very different from the L.A. girls I’ve met, but in a good way.  Also, you will get your period soon.”


*I did send it to Sigourney Weaver but I never heard back.


Thanks to Phil for finding this.