You Should Watch This: SAMURAI SPIDERS


Usually the word “NOPE!” comes to mind whenever I see anything having to do with spiders.  Thanks to the movie Arachnophobia,and my sadistic uncle (who used to throw spiders on me for fun), I have never really been able to deal with these eight legged fucks.  That being said, I’m all for weird sports and this is one weird “sport”.   Spider fighting, as practiced by the people of Kajiki in southern Japan, is amazing.  It’s a bit like watching real life Pokemon.


via Wikipedia

The Kumo Gassen is an annual traditional event in Kajiki , the most famous spider-fighting contest: this event has a long and unbroken tradition and dates back to four hundred years ago.

Most people in Kajiki rear samurai spiders: all the spiders in the event are female Black and Yellow Argiopes. Spiders are raised carefully and live with their owners, free to wander in the house and make cobwebs around.