You Should Play This: SNESbox


Raise your hand if you were a SNES fanboy.  You too?  My childhood was carved out by some of the best platforming and RPG games that only Nintendo could produce.  While Genesis may have done some things that Nintendo didn’t (I refuse to type Nintendon’t…oh damn), the SNES was one killer piece of hardware and some of the best software of its day.  And now you can relive those memories…in your browser….with nothing to install.  It even has online multiplayer, which in my attempts with it seems to be a bit laggy but still.  Every game you’d want is probably on here as  THEY EVEN HAVE UNIRACERS! I know you don’t have anything to do at work or why else would you be here, so if you have a few hours to kill have some fun with Mario, Zelda, Unicycles, and the Ninja Turtles.