Brain Dead Radio Episode 65: Beat The Heat


Rob and Ceej are back to bring the pumps back to the bumps with an amazing discussion about the legacy of M.C. Hammer, how they both try to beat the heat, and they try to rate their favorite Baldwin brother.   Pauly Shore needs to weasel his way back into our hearts, Rob asks Ceej for wedding advice,  they chat about Cabin in the Woods (Spoilers  21:25 – 33:15), and then Rob discovers he has a baby neck.  Rob hangs out with the Avengers (Spoilers 34:09 – 41:15), Ceej has some great ideas when the eventual Batman reboot happens,  and they both loved Batman: The Animated Series,  Ceej puts Rob and his comrades through hell with their first ever Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and then they give some play to the The Walking Dead game (Spoilers).