Brain Dead Radio Episode 64: Tell Me More, Hologram Cowboy


Rob and Ceej are back to bring you something special, they hope.  The Rocky Balboa Power Hour kicks off the episode, Ceej drops some dope freestyle rhymes, and Rob provides the phat beats.  Ceej just wants to be your friend to the very end while keeping a “positude attitude” and during all of this Rob and Ceej discuss the ridiculously awesome “resurrection” of Tupac and their ideas for other artists that need to use this FUTURE TECHNOLOGY.  Would Kurt jump around like David Lee Roth?  If Rob and Ceej had their way, you’re damn right he would.  Marty McFly brings gangster rap to the 80’s,  Ceej hangs out with cowboys,  Rob is amazed at Ceej’s determination to hit the end game in SWTOR, Ceej can’t decide on his legacy name, and then they chat about their favorite Jean-Claude movies.