She’s Right, I’m Rob Episode 22: Feather Boas and Dongs


Lesley and Rob are back after an extended hiatus to bring you what may be the drunkest episode yet.  When a walkabout happens out of the blue you learn just what you are made of and Rob and Lesley learn that planning a wedding is stressful.  Rob wants to eat all of the cakes, Lesley wants to demand alcohol with the use of flags, and then they both feel kind of assholish when they take a trip to the movies.  They loved Cabin in the Woods (Spoilers: 17:18-30:12), felt saved by God Bless America (Spoilers: 31:10 – 36:53) and felt a connection with the subjects of the documentary, Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.  After all of this they finish up the episode with talks of bachelor and bachelorette parties and Rob thinks he has the best idea ever for a bachelor party.