Shadowrun is Back…If its Kickstarter Goal is Met


I’ve detailed my love for Shadowrun in countless episodes of the podcast.  Not the abysmal FPS outing on the Xbox/PC a few years ago, and not even the semi-decent SNES/Genesis games from the early 90’s.  No, my love for Shadowrun goes back to the original pen and paper game from FASA Studios.  Getting together every Friday to go on runs with my best friends throughout junior high and high school remain some of my favorite memories.  My half-orc street samurai with his modified Panther Cannon (with silencer!) could not be fucked with.   Whether it was providing cover from a pissed off dragon while our resident Decker  broke through the Yakuza’s mainframe to steal corporate secrets or even being the best man in the weirdest and bloodiest wedding this side of Kill Bill are some of the highlights that have stuck in my mind from our epic 4+ year campaign.


The melding of fantasy and cyberpunk is still one of my favorite worlds ever created.  That being said, we’ve been over due for a new Shadowrun game for a long time and now the creator of it, Jordan Weisman, has bought the rights back to create a new 2d game experience.  We touched on a new browser based Shadowrun game coming out here, but this sounds like a completely different project.  And thanks to the world of Kickstarter, this new project will most definitely be a labor of love.  But you don’t have to take my word for it, instead watch this promotional video as Jordan explains what he wants to do with your money.