You Should Watch This: First Ever 1080 Landed by a 12-Year Old Skate Prodigy


Wow.  In video games pulling a 1080 on a skateboard is no big deal.  However, in real life, the 1080 has been the trick that seasoned vets have tried to pull off for years with no success.  Not even Tony “buy my new shitty game” Hawk has been able to pull it off.  Well, someone has now done it and it wasn’t landed by a skateboarding superstar.  It took a 12 year old skate prodigy by the name of Tom Schaar to pull it off.



 As Tom’s extraordinary talent became evident, during the eight short years he’s been skating, it seemed like he might have the 1080 in his grip. The one problem? The MegaRamp used for practice at the Woodward West camp provides some of the speed and velocity needed, but the 50-foot gap in the ramp hindered Tom’s ability to keep that momentum going all the way through to the quarter pipe to land the trick successfully.

By teaming up with Red Bull, they were able to bridge the gap (literally) by creating a custom built roll-over feature, allowing Tom to drop in on the 70-foot-tall MegaRamp and roll right over the giant gap. As a result, Tom was able to maintain his speed and his run resulted in the first-ever successfully landed 1080 (three complete spins) on the 27-foot-tall quarter pipe.


As a former amateur skateboarder who could only pull off a 360 on a good day, this blows my fucking mind.  This kid will be going places.  Move over Tony Hawk, there’s a new kid in town.