Brain Dead Radio Episode 62: The Second Coming


Ceej takes a break this week while Rob and Ari get together for an epic episode of epicness.  Ari classes up BDR in the beginning but near the end his true colors come out.    Find out who Ari’s favorite director is, what his favorite movie is, and possibly what his favorite sexual position is.  Ari paints an audio picture of just how geeky he is, Rob is in awe of  how crazy Ari is for dolls,  and then Ari gets Rob in trouble by showing him how awesome Sideshow Collectibles are and the beauty of the flex-pay system.


Ari and Rob talk about how zen-like putting together a LEGO™ set is, they dive into what franchise is better: Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street, they possibly offend big titted FBI agents, and then they discuss how much better the F13 franchise would have been if the MPAA never existed.   They bond over The Frighteners, discuss franchises that end up in space, and then chat about the good old days of hunting down movies based on the cover art alone.   A line about a killer penis prompts Ari to talk about what could very well be the best movie that no one has ever seen: SHAME OF THE JUNGLE (trailer is below), they chat about Stephen Dorff and his stupid model rockets, how awesome board games are, Rob shills for Beer and Board Games and Cards Against Humanity, and then they wrap up the show with a discussion on the upcoming Avengers movie.


 X-Entertainment’s Review of A Nightmare on Elm Street The Board Game

Cards Against Humanity