Brain Dead Radio Episode 61: Friends Forever


AND WE’RE BAAAACCCKKKKK!!!!  After a month’s hiatus (due to unforeseen technical difficulties) Ceej and Rob are back to assault your brain matter with more inane and irrelevant conversations.

They take a moment of silence for both Ralph McQuarrie and Scary German Guy, Rob graces Ceej with his new favorite internet meme, and they attempt to do their best James Earl Jones impression before talking about the “good old days” of Doink the Clown and the N.W.O..  Rob threatens to boycott the newest remake of a “beloved” horror franchise unless his demands  are met and then they chat about how awesome Stephen Dorff was in The Gate (spoilers 34:00 – 43:00 mins).  Stephen King film adaptations are discussed, Rob tries to make a case for Sleepwalkers, Ceej hates on Troma, and Rob sees a man about some supposed Chinese acrobats while taking a stroll through Bayside High.