You Should Watch This: Kara (Quantic Dream Tech Demo)




Wow.  Once again Quantic Dream shows off the new tech they will be using for their next foray into video gaming.  And once again it’s amazing.  Say what you will about the final products they put out (Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain) I’m still in the camp of being excited anytime they release something like this.  I loved both of their previous games minus the stupid twist near the very end of Heavy Rain, so the thought of this technology in a new game is exciting.  The level of detail (particularly in the face) and the quality of animation is breath taking in this.    It also doesn’t hurt that it invokes thoughts of Bjork’s music video “All is Full of Love” (directed by the genius Chris Cunningham) and my love of fuck bots.  I cannot wait to see what David Cage has in store for us next.