You Should Watch This: Resident Evil: First Hour


We here at BDR love Resident Evil. Ceej and I have been hooked since the first foray into the mansion back in the PS1 days. Since then I’ve owned pretty much every RE game that has come out except for the for the version and have beaten pretty much all of them (stares at Nemesis with contempt). I remember being super psyched when it was announced that there was going to be a Resident Evil movie as the game lends itself to a cinematic entry quite easily.   Let’s go through the checklist:

  • zombies
  • special forces team
  • spooky mansion filled with traps and secrets
  • underground laboratory with giant monsters including sharks, plants, snakes, etc
  • itchy, tasty

Then the movie came out.  Instead of a throwback to George Romero movies (he even wrote a script for it with a few questionable changes), we got a nu-metal’d up Milla Jovovich kicking dogs in the face and being all super soldiery while most of the cool things from the game were either forgotten or just thrown in to the mix for something for Milla to kick in the face .  It was quite a disappointment.    Then the sequel came out and we got our first look at Nemesis in MAN-IN-SUIT form and things were looking better but instead we got an even more nu-metal’d up Milla Jovovich kicking bigger things in the face with Oded Fehr doing his best to be taken seriously but failing miserably.


After that they just kept pumping out the flicks and adding more and more Millas (seriously, she’s one of a million clones) and having her kicking more and more things in the face.


Well some fans decided to get back to basics with a new web series: Resident Evil: First Hour

Is this the Resident Evil “movie” fans have been waiting for?  You’ll have to make up your own mind, but for the love of Romero when you are going to hire an actor to be your “hero” please make sure he’s older than 12.  I know Leon wasn’t a bad ass in RE2, but he also didn’t look like he was fresh out of junior high.