Brain Dead Radio Episode 60: How Do You Spell It?


Rob and Ceej are back and they chat about The Anderson Tapes and Ceej wishes Rob the very best on his new endeavor.   Ceej then goes on to share his feelings regarding his place in the BDR universe and then they take a moment to laugh at one of their favorite Marilyn Manson bits of all time.  After this they speculate on what would have happened if Oceanic Flight 815 had crashed on a beach made of cocaine and then discuss Tim and Eric for a bit before they chat about how much they both loved Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie (Spoilers: 24:45 – 34:30).   Rob quickly discusses his thoughts about Paranormal Activity 3 (Minor Spoilers: 35:12 -43:15),  Real Steel was better than expected (Minor Spoilers: 46:45 -52:40 ) and  Ceej schools Rob on his knowledge of the Rocky franchise.  Then Rob and Ceej bring back a feature that the fans demanded: VOICE MAIL!


Give us a call on our brand new voice mail line, 206-424-0320, and hear yourself on the next episode of Brain Dead Radio!!