You Should Watch This: Super Mario Ice Capades


Ah the 80’s.  To be a kid in the 80’s was something special.  Cartoons were great, cereals based on cartoons were great, video games were amazing, and of course anything that was popular had to have an ice capades version…Wait, what?

I'm watching you poop.














You heard me.  The Ice Capades.  As a kid I saw a lot of random things on ice thanks to my grandmother.  Video game characters, cartoon characters, Mr. Belevedere (ok that one didn’t really happen but I wished it did) were skating around doing things that kind of related to what the property was based on.

Some of them made sense and some didn’t.  Here’s one that didn’t.  What exactly is Luigi doing to those creatures?  Why did Mario do absolutely nothing?  Why are kids so happy to have plungers?  Watch in fascination as Jason “The Video Game Prince” Bateman and Alyssa “I was in Commando” Milano “act” in the weirdest version of Super Mario Brothers you’ll ever see.