Brain Dead Radio Episode 59: Rise of the Planet of the Riled Up Contagious Fright Apes


Rob and Ceej are back to bring down the thunder but first Rob has to figure out what to do now that his younger sibling has found out about the show.  They chat about their favorite platforming games after Rob declares Rayman:Origins the best game of 2011 that no-one seems to be playing and Rob unloads on an annoying GameStop employee. The Resident Evil 6 trailer is discussed, Rob fails in remembering ALF’s real name , and Alfatar would be one amazing movie.  Ceej rants about Fright Night (Spoilers 32:58 – 39:28), has issues with Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Spoilers 40:40-  49:ish), and then Rob’s worst fear comes true in Contagion (Spoilers 49:36 – 55:ish).