You Should Watch This: The Meaning of Robots



If you’ve ever listened to an episode of PodCaust or Brain Dead Radio then it should be no surprise that I’ve been wating for a fuckable robot for what seems like FOREVER.  The thought of a FuckBot™ being manufactured and sold to consumers is  a thought that makes me laugh and gets me super excited about the future.  A cure for male pattern baldness?  The flying car?  Re-Hydrated Pizza?  HoverBoards? FUCK THAT.  GIVE ME AN ARMY OF FUCKBOTS™.  Well on second thought, I wouldn’t mind a FuckBot™ that turns into a HoverBoard.


Who wouldn’t want to bang a FuckBot™ when after the sex they would be able to possibly fight in underground robot fights (it could happen)?  Well one man had a different idea in regards to FuckBots™ and who am I to say he’s wrong?  Meet Mike Sullivan.   He’s been shooting a stop motion robot sex flick for over 10 years and during that time has constructed thousands of tiny robots, all with their own robot genitals.


From ScreenMag:

“Meaning of Robots” profiles the benevolent Mike Sullivan, who’s been attempting to shoot a stop-motion robot sex film in his small apartment for the last 10 years. Obsessed with constructing the miniature robot porn stars, his apartment overflows with thousands of robots leaving only tiny paths for him to walk, and no place to film.

[Director Matt] Lenski met Sullivan after hiring him to build a miniature set for a Burger King spot with agency Crispin Porter Bogusky. Pleased with his craftsmanship and looking for collaboration on another art project, the director later met up with the talented model maker at Sullivan’s small studio in New York City. Lenski is often drawn to characters with well-defined idiosyncratic personalities and it was not surprising where the inspiration for Robots came from.


This trailer has everything: Hoarding, a disheveled looking inventor, horses with fuckable buttholes, and heart.