Brain Dead Radio Episode 58: Ro Knows the 90’s


Ceej and Rob are back to kick off 2012 right in the nuts.  Ceej is slightly scared of the end of the world, Rob is always serious when it comes to resolutions, and Bon Jovi’s horse may have been bedazzled.  Rob gets Ceej’s blood boiling by comparing Eric Draven to John Lennon and then Rob sinks even further into failure during a discussion regarding 90’s music and how much he is stuck in the past.  Ceej loves bald Corgan more than Gish Corgan and nothing will ever keep the two of them down. Meanwhile,  Rob is addicted to hanging out in space with his smuggler, Buffington the Backstabber, in SWTOR and then they both decide to take a trip down memory lane with the very first episode of Video Power.


Here’s the full episode of Video Power Rob and Ceej watch during this episode if you’d like to see how ridiculous it was.

Part 1:



Part 2: