You Should Watch This: The Dungeon Masters


It’s no secret that Ceej and I are into all things dorky.  Dungeons and Dragons is no exception.  Ceej has a monthly game while I used to play back in high school until I moved into Shadowrun.   Some of the best memories of that time come from late night gaming sessions with friends while we took our characters into the depths of the Underworld or into the seedy underbelly of Seattle with my insane Street Samurai (with Panther Cannon) .  While D&D slowly gains acceptance (it’s not completely there yet, sorry Vin Diesel) into popular culture,  players are still seen as shut-ins, misanthropes, or worse and sometimes unfortunately, that is the case.  Other times however the people that engage in pen and paper games are normal people who would rather spend their free time around a table with friends sharing an experience as opposed to on the couch yelling at the television while pixels blow up.


This documentary follows 3 people as they go about their lives trying to make the best of their situations all while enjoying a good old-fashioned game of Dungeons and Dragons.  If you are a fan of pen and paper games then you should find this quite interesting.