She’s Right, I’m Rob Episode 21: Give Them Chicken Wings


Rob and Lesley are back with one last episode of 2011, and they go out with a bang.  A lot has happened to our two lovebirds in the last few months including buying a puppy, learning how to sleep nude when a third-party is laying in your bed, and the sexy science behind sexomnia.   They celebrated Christmas and Rob received a new prop to introduce to the bedroom while Lesley isn’t having any of it.  They both want to get behind the people on “Weed Wars” but they can’t get past their ridiculousness, Lesley loves the people on “Moonshiners” while at the same time making broad generalizations about Southern people, and they chat about all of the stress that comes along with getting married.  Lesley gets crazy deals, Rob goes crazy, and they would both like to wish Ari and Sarah congratulations in regards to their baby making and to Nate for making an honest woman out of Ingrid!