A Bonus For Those That Buy Twisted Metal at Launch



Sweet Tooth and the gang are coming back to the console scene with Twisted Metal for the PS3 on Valentine’s Day 2012.  The last Twisted Metal game to come out was for the PSP and it’s definitely been far too long since gamers have been able blow up their friends on the big screen.  David Jaffe, the creator of the franchise, is back to bring the vehicular fighting genre back to the fore front.   On top of that he even announces a nice surprise for those of you that buy the game at launch.

How awesome is that?  Twisted Metal Black is undoubtedly the best entry in the series (Sorry Ceej, but it’s even better than Twisted Metal 2!) and it’s a pretty awesome gesture to give that game away for free for those that pick up the newest entry in the series at launch.  If only more game companies would follow suit now….