Science: It’s Awesome!


“On 4th February 1912, wearing a crazy homemade parachute contraption Franz Reichelt hovers on the brink for a while having doubts before suddenly jumping to his death. A crowd watches from below including most of the Parisien media. They then measure the depth of the hole made by the impact of his body.

I could not imagine watching that happen.  I have unfortunately watched someone jump to their death from the top of the Mall of America parking ramp and the noise he made when he hit the ground is still burned into my head.  To have seen/heard a guy jump from the Eiffel Tower (which is 984-990 feet high depending on the temperature) would have been horrible.

It’s crazy to think in 93 years we’ve gone from Franz’s disastrous homemade suit to Jeb Corliss pulling off crazy stunts like this: