Brain Dead Radio Episode 57: Creepy Cyber Uncles


Rob and Ceej are back to bring you one last episode before the movie starring John Cusack comes to be true.  They come up with a badass new video game idea and then the sugarplum fairies crash the party.  Ceej meets the new mascot for BDR, Fahey the Dog, and Rob decides that Fahey and Ceej’s dog, Mitchy, need to fight in the Kumite to declare who has the best animal of all time.   Ceej discusses some things Rob needs to know about in regards to owning a dog and Rob isn’t quite sure about what to do if he sees dogs humping at the dog park.  In the midst of all of this Ceej gives Rob his Christmas presents and for once he put some thought into it.   Once the presents are all opened they both take a moment to congratulate both the King of the Jews and Nathan on their respected life changes and then take a moment to buy a brand new domain name before diving right in to the main topic:


They agree on 3 out of the 5 and their number 1 picks bring the ruckus.  Everyone from BDR wish all of you the very bestest and safest Holiday Season!