Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD


The Birdman refuses to die.  Even after the two latest lackluster entries in the fabled Tony Hawk series and even after EA came out with their own skating game, SKATE, that does every thing  Tony Hawk does better and with more variety, he refuses to give up.  Knowing that he needed to do something with his fledgling brand it seems as if the best thing to do is to go back to the well with this “new” HD version of the first two games.

It’s no secret that the first two games are considered the best in the series.  When the first TH game hit the Playstation it was a breath of fresh air to play a skateboarding game where the goal wasn’t to punch other people or to control a gorilla on a skateboard.  The fact it had real life professional skaters and a kickass licensed soundtrack (little kids were kick flipping to Police Truck!!) was amazing.  You could string million point combos if you were good enough (I was) and it seemed like it couldn’t get any better.  Then the sequel came out and introduced manuals which allowed you string combos even further.   Play the originals all over again with a better framerate and textures when this hits in the future.  Let’s just hope ‘Superman’ is on the soundtrack.