Brain Dead Radio Episode 56: Bloody Bodies and Jeff Fahey


Rob and Ceej are back to bring the ruckus this holiday season.  They discuss Peanuts and their general malaise towards it, Rob decides to be a riverboat grifter in an alternate reality, and Ceej gets his Christmas presents early.  Scrooged is pretty good but Die Hard is better.  Ceej hates on the Winslow, laughs at the new ICP single, and then drops some rhymes Crenshaw Jackson style to show just how easy it is to do “horrorcore”.  Ceej mixes up the Farrelly Brothers and the Coen brothers, Rob doesn’t understand the love for The Three Stooges but they both think Keanu Reeves would be awesome as one, and then they chat about Adam Sandler’s body of work.  Rob rides the neurons and digs on the trailer for The Cabin in the Woods, Ceej fantasizes about Dana Plato, and we’re sorry Russ.