The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man – First Look!


Russian site has a look at some promotional art for The Lizard.  Now apparently this was early in the design process and it has been tweaked since then….but still.

If you’re gonna do some promo art for a character that people have been wanting in the movies since the beginning, why would you release this?  Especially without his goddamn lab coat?  Also, why does he look more human than lizard?  WHERE IS THE LONG SNOUT?  This is splitting hairs, but for a movie that doesn’t’ really need to exist, why hire the guy from Twin Town to play a rejected X-Files character?  Fluke-Man was scarier.

Gravedigger from the Brain Dead Radio Forums said it the best: “TURRIBLE.  It’s like a V and the Voldemort from the back of the guy’s head in Harry Potter 1 mated.”


What are your thoughts?