Brain Dead Radio Episode 55: I’d Rather Be Rimmin’


Rob and Ceej are back and are ready to talk about this season’s best video games!  First though, they need to find out just which one is better: Coke or Pepsi?  They fight off the dreaded jellycows, get funky on Planet Funk-o-tron and get right to the dragon fucking.    Ceej just wants to get back to rimmin’ while raising the dead but Rob can’t get past the copious amounts of dragon fucking going on.  After hanging out in Skyrim for a bit  Rob decides to kill the shit out of people because the guy with the word “follow” above his head keeps yelling at him,  Saint’s Row is streets ahead of Grand Theft Auto and Rob is in love with Super Mario 3D for the 3DS.  After all of the video game talk they take a detour and finish up the episode with Rob’s take on one of Ceej’s favorite horror movies, The Shining.


Also, for you Lydia fans out there…